Friday, January 07, 2011

Stop Sign Graffiti

Just some local vandalism I am amused by.




Potty humor.

Journey lyrics. {It's hard to read the marker but it says "Don't [STOP] believing." Posted previously here.}

And, though not a stop sign, below is something I see on USPS mail drops all over New Haven and it makes me giggle. If you're going to be bad ass and break the law by vandalizing government property with graffiti, why would you use a pseudo swear word? I don't know, but somehow it speaks volumes.


Jessica Rhodes said...

When we were in Ireland, we saw "Hammer Time" on three different stop signs in three different places. I guess the public needed to know...

Anonymous said...

This is great! Check out some of our favorite stop sign graffiti at the Riverfront Times in the link below:

Daily Joy said...

I just stumbled upon your blog and I think these stops signs are really funny! Although vandilism obviously isn't admirable, these definitely had me amused. :)