Friday, January 28, 2011

What planet am I on?

Snow sequence frame 1, originally uploaded by brookewill.

The amount of snow that has fallen on our town this month really blows me away, despite the fact that I grew up in northern Utah. There have been plenty of snowdays lately (school canceled "due to poor weather conditions"). I may have to start homeschooling purely by default.

I wish I could capture the immensity and chaos of the snow with photos, but I'm too busy shooing my kids off the various screens to which they devote their snowday free time. That or I'm too busy defending myself from their snowball attacks. Yesterday John was shoveling our driveway and ended up directing traffic on our busy street, which had been reduced to one lane at various points. We are running out of space to put all the snow. But it makes things exciting. I mean, it could just be a cold, boring winter with no snow. Now the world seems like another planet, or a theme park - and all kinds of expectations (like going to school, for instance, or grocery shopping) are shot.

I have the impression my feelings about it all would be somewhat less enthusiastic if I had a job, or homework to do. I guess I'm pretty lucky.


Emily said...

Wow. That is like another planet. Or at least the moon.

You have a good attitude about it. I'm just reveling in our warm, green winter weather.

Plus, the oranges are just about ripe.

Mandy said...

I haven't visited your blog for a while. I love all your posts and seeing your cute boys. They are growing into quite handsome little men! :) Time goes too fast....

Abbigail said...

No homework? Are you done with classes?
The snow is lovely. We are expected to be dumped on tomorrow. Hopefully we will turn into another planet too.

Bekah said...

Jesse thinks I'm crazy because I told him I should make a store run for the coming store tomorrow. We're supposed to get ice, not snow. Sounds crazy dangerous to me!

Brooke said...

Emily, thanks for rubbing it in. We miss CA.

Hi, Mandy! Your handsome little men and my handsome little men should play sometime when we're in the area.

Abbi, I am done with school. Like, done done. MLIS complete. (yay)

Bekah, go to the store! Stock up! Seriously, it's not crazy to be prepared. You never know.

jami said...

brooke, i feel just like you. i thought in ut i'd seen all there was to see in terms of snow. the east coast snow days, etc are a whole new ballgame!