Sunday, February 13, 2011

Being revolting by revolting

Language can be tricky. Especially when talking about female facial hair. Take the following conversation I had with my husband, for example.

John: (noticing my mustache) Hm. Looks like it's time to do a little bleaching.

Me: I know. I'm revolting.

John: No, it's not that bad—

Me: Yah, I'm rebelling against societal norms that say women can't have obvious facial hair.

John: Oh, I thought you were saying that you look—

Me: Yes, I'm revolting and disgusting and repulsive. And my cosmetic policy is that I only do something about my facial hair when I can no longer stand myself.


Jessica Rhodes said...

You and Freida, baby!

Julia said...

Oh, you have me laughing. Why is it we don't talk more openly about female facial hair? A taboo. On both sides of the coin!

Emily said...

Yay. That was hilarious. I'm with you. Suddenly I have, what seems like, thousands of little hairs on my chin.

You have a mustache, I have a beard.

Now who's revolting.

Now I have to pluck my chin AND my eyebrows. I'm revolting.

Jessica Steed said...

I'm doomed to have this, too.
I still can see my great grandma with these wild man-hairs growing off her chin.
My grandma shaved them, and my mother just plucks them out with her fingers absentmindedly during the most inappropriate times, like church or at dinner.
Alas I have the option of laser-hair removal when I get mine. I'll take the pain anyday.

pamela said...

the first time i've laughed out loud, by myself, in awhile.

bigtallhorses said...

I'm revolting too. You are the opposite of revolting, you are peace and harmony (sung in harmony)